Graduated HS 1977.

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Graduated HS 1977.
DeKalb College; Atlanta, GA

US Army (Active) 12/75 - 12/78 (E-4) Telecommunications Specialist Ft. Gordon, GA; Ft. McPherson, GA
US Army National Guards 1/79-12/79 (E-4) Telecommunications; Kentucky
US Army (Reserves) 6/80-12/84 (E-5) Armor; Kentucky

Attended Kentucky Military Academy and earned commission in 1987
US Army National Guards 6/85-10/93 (O-3) Armor; Kentucky
* Tank Platoon Leader
* Executive Officer of a Tank Company
* Mortar Platoon Leader for a Mech Mortar Platoon attached to an Armor BN

Earned private pilots license, (single engine aircraft) 1978.

Worked in the Office Supply / Equipment Repair business from 1979 - 1981

Worked in restaurant management from 1981 - 1983

Worked as a multi-lines insurance agent from 1983 - 1993

Moved to New Jersey where he works as a Systems Administrator for a blindness agency in Philadelphia, managing computer network and agency phone system. Teaches blind and visually impaired people to use computers. Does private consulting. (

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