Joseph Forsythe , 17661830 (aged 64 years)

Joseph Forsythe - War of 1812
Joseph /Forsythe/
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"Parents of William Bradford Forsythe - Joseph Forsythe and Elizabeth Hutchison they were married 27 Jan 1822 Butler County, KY. I only list 10 children for them.

William Clendenon (note spelling) was a brother of my Benjamin Bradford (the note you picked up says Benjamin was the grandson of William and Ester and that is wrong). William C. was born 3 Apr 1837 (not 1836). William C. came back to Illinois at age 50 after he had gone West to lead wagon trains and prospect for gold. Two other brothers also went West. At age 50 he married Dorthula Snedeker 26 Dec 1877 (there is an age discrepencey here) Clark County and they had 3 children: Ora born 26 Oct 1878, Ophia born 12 Jul 1880 and another unknown name.

Benjamin Bradford was my 2nd Great Grandfather and lived on and inherited the home place which is still owned by one of the Forsythe family.

There are 3 of we cousins who all have records that are documented in a family leger. The other 2 do decendents as well but I only do ancestors and siblings of our direct lines. All of us have been doing genealogy for over 30 years and were bornand raised in either Clark, Edgar, or Crawford Counties in Illinois and have all our ancestors buried in the Forsythe Cemetery."

[Betty Jean Norman: 2/2005]


ID: I2882 Name: Joseph Forsyth FORSYTHE Sex: M Birth: 1766/1775 in of,Mecklenburg,NC Death: AFT 1830 in ,Clarke,IL Note: AFN: Note: !SOURCES: W.H. FORSYTH 1902-1988 Forsyth Family History 1985 LDS FHC microfilm #1421585 -- item 5 film nos. for related W H FORSYTH publications: 1036058 item 5, 1321163 item 9, 1466000 item 12; This compilation 1994, by Warren Louis Forsythe, Box 1299,Ellensburg, WA, 98926 and Edward Forsyth, 54 Beattie Ave, Lockport, NY, 14094 Sect 13-3, page 1;

Father: of_IL (maybe_born in_Europe_etc) FORSYTH b: ABT 700 in ,,descendants,to IL

Marriage 1 wife_of Joseph_Forsythe of_Butler_Co_KY b: ABT 1780 in of,,KY,by 1800 Children James FORSYTHE b: ABT 1804 in ,Butler,KY,prob Clendenon FORSYTHE b: ABT 1810 in ,Butler,KY,prob William B FORSYTHE b: 28 NOV 1800 in ,Butler,KY Margaret FORSYTHE b: ABT 1807 in ,Butler,KY,prob Joseph Thompson FORSYTHE b: 10 MAY 1819 in ,Butler,KY,prob Elizabeth FORSYTHE b: ABT 1812 in ,Butler,KY,prob Emmaline no_kids_by_GRAY Emiline FORSYTHE b: ABT 1816 in ,Butler,KY,prob


ID: I15467 Name: Joseph Forsythe FORSYTH Sex: M Birth: 1766/1775 in of,Mecklenburg,NC Death: AFT 1830 in probably either,,IL,KY Note: !Clan genealogist 2 august 2005 visit to clan Forsyth genealogist Eddie Forsyth in Lockport NY 54 Beattie Ave, his library from 47 year sof research; prince Edward Co. Book 2 page 1422 or page 63; My Forsythe SAGA Supplement #1 etc by Phil Wheeler 17 aug 1979; Philip Wheeler was from 1971 Ontario Calif;

Father: Robert Forsythe FORSYTH b: 1744 in ,,,Ireland Mother: Ann DELSON b: ABT 1743 in of,Norfolk,VA,by 1765

Marriage 1 wife_of Joseph_Forsythe of_Butler_Co_KY b: ABT 1780 in of,,KY,by 1800 Children James Forsyth FORSYTHE b: ABT 1795 in probably either,,NC,KY William Forsyth FORSYTHE b: 29 NOV 1800 in ,Butler,KY Elizabeth Forsyth FORSYTHE b: ABT 1802 in ,Butler,KY Clendenon Forsyth FORSYTHE b: ABT 1804 in of,Butler,KY Margaret Peggy Forsyth FORSYTHE b: 28 APR 1807 in of,Butler,KY Emaline Emiline Emmaline FORSYTHE b: ABT 1817 in of,Butler,KY Joseph Thompson FORSYTHE b: 10 MAY 1819 in ,Butler,KY


5. JOSEPH FORSYTHE (1770- ) (Robert, James)

Joseph Forsythe was born between 1766 and 1775, the son of Robert and Ann (Delson) Forsythe. He married by 1795 or thereabouts, but the name of his spouse is not presently known. He bought property in Logan County, as well as receiving grants"South of the Green River."

Logan County Land Survey

Book B; Page 265; Joseph Forsythe; 195 acres; Big Muddy (watercourse); 9-25-1799

Grants South of the Green River

Grantee, Joseph Forsythe; 148 acres; Book 7; page 79; surveyed 7-13-1799; Logan County; Big Muddy Creek (watercourse)

Kentucky Land Warrants

Grantee, Joseph Forsythe; 50 acres; Book K; page 72; surveyed 4-23-1822; Butler County; Big Muddy Creek (watercourse)

Joseph appeared in all Logan County Tax Lists from 1800 to the split of the County in 1810. He never listed more than 200 acres in any tax list.

He appeared in the 1810 and 1820 Federal Census of Butler County as follows:

1810 Joseph Forsythe 30010 200100 1820 Joseph Forsythe 220101 11101

He also appeared in the 1830 Census though he had sold property 4 June 1828 to James Forsythe with the expressed intent to move to Illinois.

1830 Joseph Forsythe 0011100010000 0010000010000

“...I Joseph Forsythe of the County of Butler and Commonwealth of Kentucky have this day sold and delivered certain property hereafter named unto James Forsythe of the County and state aforesaid. To wit: 148 acres of land on the waters of Big Muddy Creek... “the said James Forsythe on his part doth covenant and agree with the aforesaid Joseph Forsythe that he will move the said Joseph Forsythe and family to the state of Illinois and procure for him one quarter section of land at his own propercost and expense and make a good and sufficient title in fee simple to the sd. Joseph Forsythe, his heirs or assigns to the land in some part of that state to be located in some healthy part of the said state affsd.”

Joseph apparently died in Butler County, Kentucky not long after the 1830 census. He left the following family:

23. James, will proved 8 February 1836

24. Clendenon, md. 16 August 1836, Julia Ann Sharp; will thrown out of court 13 August 1838. (his widow married 7 September 1843 Nieces Kirtley)

25. William, b. 29 Nov 1800, Butler County, KY; md. 24 Jan 1822 Esther Hetty Ashmore (b. 19 March 1801 TN, d. 20 April 1896); d. 15 Sep 1867

26. Margaret (Peggy), b. 28 April 1807 Butler Co., KY.; md. 24 May 1828, Nathan E. Borah; d. 17 Nov 1884, Butler County, KY

27. Joseph Thompson, b. 10 May 1819, md. 18 Sep 1838 Harriet Hargrove (b. 28 April 1819; d. 30 April 1900); d. 8 March 1876 Butler Co., Ky.

28. Elizabeth, b. c1802 Butler Co., Ky.; md. 3 June 1819 William Lindley Ashmore

29. Emaline, md. 11 January 1837 Curran Gray


The 1810 Census copied from Fed Census film #M252-5 by Gena Theiss for the GenWeb census project. Care has been taken to copy exactly as it is on the microfilm but some errors may occur. Some names are hard to read and my interpertation may be wrong on some.

STATE: Ky COUNTY: Butler Co REFERENCE: 1810 census ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head of Household Free White Males Free White Females Other | Slaves 0/9, 10/15, 16/25, 26/44, 45+ | 0/9, 10/15, 16/25, 26/44, 45+ free persons


================================================================================================ LN LAST NAME FIRST NAME MALE FEMALE OTH| SLAV ================================================================================================ 99 FORBUSH Samuel 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 100 FORSYTHE Joseph 3 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 101 FORSYTHE William 3 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 12

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Spouse 2 UNKNOWN Born: abt 1783 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA Died: Marriage: Children Sex Birth William Forsythe M 29 Nov 1800 in Harden, [county], Kentucky, USA Elizabeth Betsy Forsythe F 1802 in Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA James Forsyth M abt 1804 in Logan, [county], Kentucky, USA Margaret Forsythe F abt 1807 in Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Clendenon Forsythe M abt 1810 in Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Emmaline No Forsythe F abt 1816 in Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Joseph Thompson Forsythe M 10 May 1819 in Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA

Other Children Sex Birth William Forsythe M 29 Nov 1800 in Harden, [county], Kentucky, USA John Forsyth M abt 1805 in [city], [county], Alabama, USA Peggy Forsyth F abt 1810 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA

====================== From Elizabeth Betsy:

Elizabeth Betsy Forsythe Born: 1802 Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Died: 7 May 1854 East Oakland, Coles, Illinois, USA Spouse William Lindley Ashmore Born: 14 Aug 1799 in [city], Logan, Kentucky, USA Died: 26 Jan 1847 in East Oakland, Coles, Illinois, USA Marriage: 3 Jun 1819 in [city], Butler, Kentucky, USA View Info Children Sex Birth James Harvey Ashmore M 1820 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA Samuel Harding Ashmore M 29 Jan 1821 in [city], Butler, Kentucky, USA Malinda Rachal Ashmore F 22 Mar 1824 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA William C Ashmore M 1826 in [city], Coles, Illinois, USA Mary Jane Ashmore F 3 Apr 1828 Joseph Forsythe Ashmore M 25 Mar 1832 in [city], Coles, Illinois, USA Robert Thompson Ashmore M 1835 in [city], Coles, Illinois, USA Hezekiah Jefferson Ashmore M 31 Aug 1838 in [city], [county], Illinois, USA Emaline Elizabeth Ashmore F Jan 1840 in [city], [county], Illinois, USA Margaret Ellen Ashmore F 1843 in [city], Coles, Illinois, USA =================================== From James: James Forsyth Born: abt 1804 Logan, [county], Kentucky, USA Died: 1877 Panola, [county], Texas, USA Spouse Dorcas Lathem Born: abt 1803 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA Died: Marriage: Children Sex Birth John Forsyth M abt 1824 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA William Forsyth M abt 1826 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA Margaret Forsyth F abt 1828 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA Amanda Forsyth F abt 1830 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA Samuel Forsyth M abt 1832 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA Nelson Forsyth M abt 1836 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA Samuel K Forsyth M abt 1838 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA Caroline Elizabeth Forsyth F 14 Jul 1854 in Shelby, [county], Texas, USA =-------------------------- From Margaret: Margaret Forsythe Born: abt 1807 Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Spouse Nathan Borah Born: 6 Feb 1807 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA Died: Marriage: 21 May 1828 View Info Children Sex Birth Jane Borah F Mar 1832 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA John Borah M May 1834 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA ----------------------------------- From Clendenon: Clendenon Forsythe Born: abt 1810 Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Died: 1838 Spouse Julia Ann Sharp Born: abt 1813 in [city], [county], Illinois, USA Died: Marriage: 16 Aug 1836 View Info Children Sex Birth =================================== From Emmaline:

Emmaline No Forsythe Born: abt 1816 Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Died: Spouse Curran Curren Gray Born: 1817 in [city], [county], Kentucky, USA Died: 5 May 1874 in Cooke, [county], Texas, USA Marriage: 11 Jan 1837 View Info Children Sex Birth ================================= From Joseph: Joseph Thompson Forsythe Born: 10 May 1819 Butler, [county], Kentucky, USA Died: 8 Mar 1876 Spouse Harriett Hargrove Born: abt 1822 in [city], [county], Illinois, USA Died: Marriage: Children Sex Birth ============================= From Peggy: Peggy Forsyth Born: abt 1810 [city], [county], Kentucky, USA Died:

Spouse Samuel Mcfadden Born: abt 1807 in Panola, [county], Texas, USA Died: Marriage: Children Sex Birth

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