John Wilson Lewis Sr. , 18601945 (aged 85 years)

John Wilson /Lewis/ Sr.
Given names
John Wilson
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Clark County Democrat, Wednesday Eve., April 17, 1929, page 1:

In a race that was close in each of the city's three wards, John W. Lewis was elected mayor of Marshall, yesterday, defeating Sol Handy by a majority of 47. Lewis headed the Citizen's ticket and handy the Business Men's. A very large vote was cast, the total being 1271. The business Men's ticket won four places and the Citizen's three.

The vote by wards was: First Ward - Lewis 243; Handy 204. Second Ward - Lewis 204; Handy 188. Third Ward - Lewis 212; Handy 229.


The following story appeared in the Clark County Herald, Wednesday, September 11, 1895, page 9:

The trial last Saturday afternoon of Miss Rose Tingley, J. W. Lewis and Charles Thatcher for assault and battery before a jury of six in Judge Bartlett’s court resulted in a verdict of $3 and cost assessed against Miss Tingley.

The case dates from the trouble over the Dennison School and during which Miss Tingley to retain possession of the school house pushed Tom Volkers out of the door. An appeal to the Circuit court was taken. From the evidence it occurs that Miss Tingley had possession of the house and the directors who hired Will Handy had no other method of getting the house to put their teacher in possession than to throw out Miss Tingley or seize it during her absence. She and her directors however, made provision for this and Charley Thatcher was deputized to assist in retaining the school house should the threatened seizure by force be attempted. Handy was to have commenced his term of school Sept. 2, but as he did not get possession of the house the school remains in session under the direction of Miss Tingley.

Who the proper persons were to employ a teacher will not be decided until in January by the Supreme Court. According to the decision of the lower court Miss Tingley is the rightful heir to the throne.


Article in the Clark County herald, Wednesday, October 31, 1894, page 8:
Wrongly Accused


We understand that Wm. W. Handy Jr. has been circulating a statement to prejudice the voters of Clark County against J. W. Lewis that the Directors of Dennison School District were influenced against said Handy on account of his political views by the said Lewis. We will say in regard to that matter that the only reason why Mr. Handy was not employed to teach the Spring term (94) was that we secured as good or better teacher than Mr. handy, for less money, in the person of Miss Rosa Tingley and she and all her family, so far as we are able to learn, are Democrats. The same reason applies to the winter term. J. Q. Snedeker secured the school simply because he taught it for $40 per month, while Mr. Handy would not take less than $45 and Mr. Snedeker, as a majority of the people in the county know, is a Populist. We have been personally acquainted with Lewis for 15 or 20 years and know him to have more friends in the Democratic Party at home than this man Handy, and will further say that Lewis has never spoken to us concerning who we should or should not hire to teach our school.


Geo. L. Watters, Clerk,

H. R. Snedeker,

President Board of Directors.