Isaac M. Gidcumb , 18371909 (aged 71 years)

Isaac M. /Gidcumb/
Given names
Isaac M.

Marriage Record
Name: Isaac M Gidcomb
Age: 21
Est. Birth Year: abt 1838
Birth Location: Butler
Residence: Butler
Spouse Name: Jane Bowers
Spouse Age: 18
Est. Spouse Birth Year: abt 1841
Spouse Birth Location: Warren
Spouse Residence: Warren
Marriage Date: Feb 1859
Marriage Location: Butler
County of Record: Butler


1880 US Census Information:

Isaac M. 38 Jane 38 Mary M. 21 Sarah E. 19 John W. 16 Martha J. 14 Palina 11 Robert W. 10 Hester 8 Minnie 5 Edmon J. Gadcomb 2 Clandy Gadco 7 John T 18

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