Sallie Ann Hines , 18881978 (aged 89 years)

Sallie Ann /Hines/
Given names
Sallie Ann

Sally Ann Hines Renfrow

Early 1900's , Pratt, KS to Beaver Dam, KY, John Renfrow's Grandmother (Sally Ann Hines Renfrow), is said to have moved to Kentucky from Pratt, Kansas. The story associated with Sally is that early on in her lifetime, she and Popfrow (Horace Elva Renfrow - also known as H.E.) were driving from Pratt, Kansas and moving some furniture in an old, old, old pick up truck. One of the articles of furniture was her piano - and it fell off the truck! I Ann Renfrow, John's wife) only met her once back in 1977, a year before she passed away - but that very same piano was standing in her living room in her house in Beaver Dam, KY. And at 90 years of age, she still played it.......I can't remember, but I may have even tickeled the keys a little also. John remembers being taught the piano by his Momfrow (Sally Ann Hines Renfrow), but he was much more interested in playing jazzy stuff - can you even visualize Momfrow's eyes when she realized this? She was also a quilter and we have one of them. She canned everything she could i.e. beans to pears and was a renowned baker i.e. pies, breads, jam cakes, candy maker etc - famous for her chicken and dumplings. She was a member of the Eastern Star and Popfrow was a Mason. She was a Methodist as was Popfrow. They went to Florida every year - they would go in November and come back in April. She was very large on flowers of all sorts - cannas, etc. Popfrow was a horticulturist in the late years of his life - but early on, he was a builder/carpenter.

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