George Henry Blank Jr. , 19242009 (aged 85 years)

George Henry /Blank/ Jr.
Given names
George Henry
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I remember Uncle George being very strict. He, like my dad, was a heavy drinker and smoker. He was my second father. I always felt that if I ever had a problem, (after my dad passed), that Uncle George would make everything alright. - Dawn Forsythe, 2012


I didn't get to really know George very well, but I was able to be in his presence about a dozen times with holiday or family events. He always reminded of of an old bear, sitting there in his easy chair, very aware of who was coming and going.

At first appearance you might think he was a grumpy old man, but as soon as one of his grandchildren entered the room or engaged him in conversation, he'd flash a big old smile. He really loved his family and they loved and respected him. - Rick Forsythe, 2011

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