Raymond P. D'Arcangelo , 19141974 (aged 60 years)

Raymond P. /D'Arcangelo/
Given names
Raymond P.

"Raymond D’Arcangelo married his first cousin Rosemarie. They had two children - a son, Tommy and a daughter whose name I cannot remember. Tommy was born with mental health issues because of mixing of blood, (first cousins relations).

They lived in Flushing by Kissena Park. Raymond was a carpenter. He fathered an illegitimate child, (Raymond), with Vicky Burkhardt. Raymond carried the name of Burkhardt and did not know of this until he found out from me a number of years back. (a long story). I just had lunch with Raymond a couple of weeks ago.

Uncle Raymond was also an alcoholic and died of a heart attack. Raymond Burkhardt was also an alcoholic but is doing ok now. Raymond Burkhardt is married to Bonnie and has two girls." P. Bono - 2012


I'm not sure if this is the same Raymond -

first name: Raymond middle name: last name: Darcangelo name suffix: birth date: 12 March 1913 social security number: 097-01-4856 place of issuance: New York last residence: zip code of last residence: death date: November 1974 estimated age at death: 61

- Rick Forsythe, 2012