Helen Mary Gibson , 18981961 (aged 62 years)

Helen Mary /Gibson/
Given names
Helen Mary
Also known as
Helen Mary /Head/

Buried in the Garden of Divinity, Lot 39-D, Crestlawn Cemetery, Riverside, CA


What I've heard about Helen over the years is that she was a dancer and actress. She used to perform for the Zigfield Follies also.

When she would come around to visit, she was dressed very nice, (maybe even a fur), and would give gifts and small amounts of money. This I heard from her nieces and my father.

I finally came across her birth certificate and discovered that she lived here in Philadelphia where I've lived for the last 25 years. She retired from P.T.C., (Philadelphia Transportation Company). This company is now known as SEPTA for which I've done some audio recording work.

At some point after her retirement, she became ill...possibly deranged. She was found in the local Greyhound bus station with a lot of money on her and not in good health. (mental and physical).

Her death certificate indicates that she died while a resident patient of the Pennsylvania State Hospital which was a mental institution.

I am still researching additional details like where she lived in this area, how many years she worked before retiring, how long she was a patient at PA State Hospital.

I believe she was buried up here but later, her sister Eloise paid to have her moved and buried with her and her husband in California. - RF 2018