Edward Ludlow Hines ,

Edward Ludlow /Hines/
Given names
Edward Ludlow

From "A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians, Volume 3," by E. Polk Johnson, 1912, Lewis Publishing Company:

"John H. Hines, Lieut. Company D, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry and Lieut. Edward L. Hines, 9th Kentucky Cavalry, brothers, and grandsons of James Hines, both made gallant officers during the war. The former was captured on the Ohio raid in July, 1863, and kept as a prisoner of war at Johnson's Island in Lake Erie, until the war was about over. He came to his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, after the surrender, and eventually made his home in Texas, where he died, his remains having been brought home and buried in Fairview Cemetery. Edward L. Hines is still living in Warren county, and has a picturesque home at the mouth of Gasper."


Family links: Parents: Fayette Henry Hines (1806 - 1847) Ann Eliza Cooke Hines (1811 - 1865)

Spouse: Eliza Cornelia Duncan Hines (1846 - 1884)

Children: Infant Son Hines* Infant Son Hines* Hiram Markham Hines (1871 - 1917)* Annie Duncan Hines Hines (1873 - 1951)* Edward Ramsey Hines (1874 - 1935)* William Warner Hines (1875 - 1948)* John Porter Hines (1878 - 1961)* Infant Daughter Hines (1879 - 1879)* Duncan Hines (1880 - 1959)*

Siblings: John Henry Hines (1841 - 1879)* Edward Ludlow Hines (1842 - 1920) Walter G Hines (1844 - 1920)* Julia Caroline Hines Breeding (1847 - 1885)* Julia Caroline Hines Breeding (1847 - 1885)*

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Note: L to R in order of age James Fayette Hines, John Henry Hines, Edward Ludlow Hines, Julia Caroline Hines, Walter Giles Hines