Maude Ellen Maynard , 18861917 (aged 31 years)

Maude Maynard Forsythe
Maude Ellen /Maynard/
Given names
Maude Ellen
Also known as
Maude Ellen /Forsythe/
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According to Wade and Eloise's marriage certificate, she was his first and only previous wife and had died


"The children of Wade's and Maude were: Bernice, Brooks, Wade V. Jr., Alberta, Maynard, Elsie. There were a set of twins that died at birth"

Marriage Information taken from Edgar Co. Illinois Marriage Book 3, page 48. - Bernice Herndon 2/1/2005 (Great-Granddaughter)


According the a hand-written obituary for Wade in 8/1956, there were 8 children born of this marriage. Two had died in infancy. - Rick Forsythe 12/2005

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Family Affair

I haven't found any stories, explanations or references to the fact that Wade Valentine Forsythe, Sr., married his first cousin-once removed, or his first cousin's daughter, Maude Ellen Maynard in 1906. There was one year difference in their ages.

R. Forsythe - 2010

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Maude Maynard Forsythe
Maude Maynard Forsythe