Kenneth Gordon Forsythe , 19171918 (aged 1 year)

Kenneth G. Forsythe - grave marker
Kenneth Gordon /Forsythe/
Given names
Kenneth Gordon

Regarding Kenneth's death: "The story that I have always been told about Kenneth was that Dovie was ill in bed & Daddy thought both she & Kenneth were asleep and went out to do chores. Kenneth got up, pulled a chair over and reached for something and tipped over a boiling pot of coffee on himself. My Grandmother, Maggie, always said, (she thought that), the Dr. gave him too large a dosage of morphine for his pain and caused locked bowels, and that was actually what caused his death. I'm sure there wasn't anything Daddy should have done differently but I think he always felt it was partly his fault (that) it happened." -- Ann Stewart - 2012

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Kenneth G. Forsythe - grave marker
Kenneth G. Forsythe - grave marker