Keefer Laufman , 18241903 (aged 79 years)

Keefer /Laufman/
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Appearing in the Gazette newspaper (Terre Haute, IN) on Thursday, August 6, 1903, page 7:


Keefer Laufman, a pioneer citizen of Edgar County, Ill., and for eight years county clerk of Edgar County, died Wednesday at his home near Olive, Ill. Six children survive, one being Mary, wife of Charles McFarland, of Terre Haute. Deceased is a Mexican War veteran.


Information provided by a family member:

Occupation Farmer, Tanner (Tannery is located near the Laufman Cemetery in Edgar county), County Commissioner

Education: College Graduate, Prominant Illinois politician

Religion: christian Church at Oliver, IL

When he was 22, he enlisted as a volunteer in the Mexican War where he served for about 12 months. He was at the bombardment of Vera Cruz and the storming of Cero Gordo. Served 21 Jun 1846. Volunteer in Mexican War promoted to Second Sergeant.

When he returned fromt he war he joined his father in the tanning business until 1870, when he began farming approximately 240 acres. He also served as Edgar County clerk 8 years.

Medical: He was sick for 11 days, Died of paralysis.

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Keefer Laufman
Keefer Laufman
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Keefer Laufman - Grave Marker