Mary Manley , 19102011 (aged 101 years)

Mary /Manley/
Given names
Also known as

Grandma would sit out on the stoop at night with us kids. Whenever a breeze would kick up, she would say, "'s so"

She would sing a nursery rhyme in Greek - something about a bunny rabbit and make the motions of it going up our arms.

I remember sitting at the ocean water line, just close enough where our feet would get wet as the tide came in. As the tide got higher and hitting us above our feet, we'd have to move our chairs back and just repeat the process.

We would go to Belmar, NJ for two weeks every year. - Dawn Forsythe - 2012


My grandmother is usually the one who would pick me up from school if I got sick. Sometimes I would fake it so I could go into work with her where she would assign me small tasks. - Dawn Forsythe, 2012


Mary was one funny lady! Sometimes she would come across as being uninformed or not knowing very much but she was sharp as a tack! She had a great sense of humor but was also very old-school.

I remember that she really despised President George W. Bush and I would have fun with her with this. She hated him so much that I have reservations putting his name so close to hers on this record. - Rick Forsythe, 2012