George D'Arcangelo , 19472002 (aged 55 years)

George /D'Arcangelo/
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Records of Deceased

George DARCANGELO Birth Date: 22 Aug 1947 Death Date: 10 Nov 2002 Social Security Number: 108-36-0818 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: New York

Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 89014 Localities: Green Valley, Clark, Nevada Henderson, Clark, Nevada

Name: George A. Darcangelo SSN: 108-36-0818 Last Residence: 89014 Henderson, Clark, Nevada, United States of America Born: 22 Aug 1947 Died: 10 Nov 2002 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1962)


Some of my fondest memories are of my dad during the holidays when I was a child. During Christmas, he would dress up as Santa Clause and pay us a visit. He would also, (I learned later), would visit the local orphanage with his Santa costume and lift their hearts.

We would also leave out a snack for Santa - cookies & milk and an apple for the reindeer, and there would be crumbs left over the next morning.

On Easter, he would make little bunny paw prints with flour, on the dark table proving that the Easter Bunny came by and left us our little prizes. - Dawn Forsythe, 2010


Since most of the kids knew that Daddy worked for the airlines, he would stop by the school and present the official Santa spotting report! He would present this long paper report and keep all of us up to date! - Dawn Forsythe, 2010


There were many times when Daddy would trade his days off at work and make fast arrangements for us to take a trip. (usually Disney World) We would be sitting in school and get called to the office and taken out of school. Within a couple of hours, we'd be on a jet bound for Disney World! - Dawn Forsythe, 2011


I remember, sometimes, Daddy would take me to work with him at the airlines. I would work behind the ticket counter putting tags onto luggage. There were times that I was allowed to guide the boarding chute to the awaiting aircraft with a joystick. I would then be allowed to turn on the air conditioning and intercom service. - Dawn Forsythe, 2012