Grafton R. Forsythe , 18641932 (aged 68 years)

Grafton R. /Forsythe/
Given names
Grafton R.

Death Record -- Grafton FORSYTHE Death Volume: 1932 Certificate Number: 13064 Name: Grafton FORSYTHE Age: 68 Died: 17 Jun 1932 Butler Co., KY Gender: Born: Race: Father: Mother: Spouse: Informant: Source: Kentucky Death Index Source Locality: Butler Submitter: Kyvitals Volunteers Submitter Relationship: None Proofed: No Image: No We do not have the image of this record yet.

Taken from:

RAF 8/13/2006

SourceInformation supplied by Donna Eberman Rand

Of these children William Edmonton Forsythe (my 3rd great grandfather) married Hester Ann Borah and they had 5 children including my 2nd great-grandfather Grafton Forsythe. Grafton is the father of Mildred who was in the picture you saw online.