Joseph Forsythe Ashmore, 18321916 (aged 84 years)

Joseph Ashmore
Joseph Forsythe Ashmore
Given names
Joseph Forsythe
Family with parents
Elizabeth "Betsy" Forsythe - Grave Marker
Birth: 1802 36 24Butler, Kentucky, USA
Death: May 7, 1854Oakland, Coles, IL, USA
Marriage: June 3, 1819Morgantown, Butler, Kentucky, USA
10 years
elder brother
Birth: March 26, 1829 29 27USA, KY, ,
Death: July 10, 1884USA, WI, Fennimore
-9 years
elder brother
Birth: January 29, 1820 20 18USA, KY, Butler,
Death: May 11, 1887USA, IL, Coles, Oakland
4 years
elder sister
Birth: March 22, 1824 24 22USA, KY, ,
Death: February 21, 1861USA, IL, Coles, Oakland
3 years
elder brother
Birth: 1826 26 24Marshall, Clark, Illinois, USA
Death: October 21, 1878Cold Springs, Idaho, USA
2 years
elder sister
Birth: April 3, 1828 28 26USA, IL, Clark, ,
Death: April 28, 1850
4 years
Joseph Ashmore
Birth: March 25, 1832 32 30
Death: April 8, 1916USA, IL, Coles, Oakland
4 years
younger brother
Birth: 1835 35 33
Death: November 26, 1876USA, IL, Coles, Oakland
4 years
younger brother
Birth: August 31, 1838 39 36USA, IL, ,
Death: March 17, 1911USA, IL, Coles, Oakland
2 years
younger sister
4 years
younger sister

Father Name: W. L. Ashmore Father Birth Place: Virginia Mother Name: Elizabeth Forsythe Mother Birth Place: Kentucky

Joseph was married three times. His first marriage was to Lucinda Catherine Ray; the couple married in Coles County, Illinois, May 6, 1854. His second marriage occurred on December 26, 1867 when he and Sarah A. Burton married in Edgar County; Sarah was the former Sarah Ann Tinsley. She had previously married Albert Burton on December 26, 1860; they also married in Edgar County. She was a mother of three children at the time of her marriage to Joseph. According to the 1870 census those children were: a son with an unnamed name, William (who later appeared to have taken the surname Ashmore, and Manfred. Then on September 25, 1879, Joseph and Amanda Lovell were married in Edgar County, Illinois. A fourth marriage, which was to Mollie/Nellie Shoots occurred on October 4, 1877. The marriage is listed in the "Illinois Marriages, 1851-1900," to Joseph Ashmore, but no census records show that Joseph and Mollie/Nellie were enumerated together. It may be that Miss Shoots died prior to 1880 and therefore was not enumerated with her husband.

With Lucinda he had at least three children: Minerva J., Almida, and Mary. The girls were most likely born in Coles County.

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