William Ashmore , 17661836 (aged 69 years)

William /Ashmore/
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There is some controversy over whether William Ashmore was married once or twice. The other wife attributed to him is Hettie Ford. It seems that every researcher has a different account of which children were from which wife. However, the only thing that anyone has found that is relatively certain is that William Ashmore and Mary Hadden were the parents of William Lindley Ashmore. There is no record of Mary Hadden's death or burial that anyone has found. However, it appears at this time that Hettie Ford was actually married to a different Ashmore. I am going with this theory for now as it is the one put forth by Mary Ashmore Sewell, who impresses me (Joni Vella) as being a very thorough researcher and has a reputation among others assuch. JKV

Buried near Oakland, Coles County, Illinois.

Logan County, Kentucky--November 29, 1798. Surveyed for William Ashmore, 110 acres of second rate land by virtue of an entry made on the County Court Certificate No. 2687 on the water of the Rockhouse fork of the Gaspers River. Chain carriers: James Dickey and William Hadden.

October 17, 1797. William Ashmore and Henry Leach were the chain carriers for the survey for William Hadden for 200 acres on the waters of the Rockhouse fork of the Faspers River. Certificate No. 431.

November 29, 1798. William Hadden's survey of 200 acres on County Court Certificate No. 2553 on the waters of the Rockhouse fork of the Gaspers River, being on a conditional line of William Ashmore. Chain carriers: Elijah Burchfield and William Ashmore.

Knox County, Tennessee-1801. William Ashmore, Joshua Ashmore, and Samuel Ashmore signers of a petition for the creation of Roane County, Tennessee.

Roane County, Tennessee--December 1801. Wiiliam Ashmore, Joshua Ashmore, and Samuel Ashmore signers of a petition for a wagon road from Kingston Crossing Clinch at the mouth of the Emmery to the double spring on Poplar Creek, Jamuary 2, 1802, Joshua Ashmore was appointed as part of a jury to lay out and mark the road and report to the March Court 1802.

Logan County, Kentucky--1806. Will Book A pp 31-32. Samuel Wilson, William Ashmore and Samuel Ashmore witness to the will of Lawrence McKown. October 6, 1806 date of will. Colonel Samuel Caldwell to serve as guardian of children.

1808. Deed Book B, page 168. Elisha Hadden and his wife Rhoda Ashmore Hadden grantors of 50 acres on Muddy Creek to William Ashmore and his wife Mary Ashmore. Witnesses Robert Davis, Benjamin Davis, and Hugh Hadden.

In another land indenture for Elisha Hadden and Rhoda Hadden that was witnessed by William Ashmore and Samuel Hadden.

Giles County, Tennessee--1812 William Ashmore, Hugh Hadden, Samuel Hadden, and Thomas Hadden were on the list of insolvents for the year 1812 as per Sheriff and Collector James Buford--poll tax.

Butler County, Kentucky--January 24, 1818. John Wilson, Alexander Chapmen, William Ashmore and Elisha Hadden were the witnesses of William Hadden's will.

October 28, 1824. Land indenture of William Ashmore of Butler County to David Sawyer of Logan County for one hundred dollars in specie for a quarter section of land in the State of Illinois (160 acres). James B. Sawyer and Robert Patterson, witnesses.

Clark County, Illinois--1822. In the year 1822m the settlement was increased by the arrival of James Lovelace, Samuel Elam, Lindly Ashmore(William Lindley), William Ashmore, Martin Graves, and Henry Taylor. Lovelace, Elam, and Ashmore's came together and were from Kentucky. They settledf on the creek, south of Livingston and built small cabins, spending most of their time hunting. When the land was entered they moved away, but afterward entered lands on the creek in the south part of the township. Source: "History of Crawford and Clark Counties, Illinois" by Perrin 1883

Coles County, Illinois--August 10, 1833. William Ashmore purchased 40 acres @ $1.25 per acre from the Federal Land sale, section 19, township 14N, meridian 3, section part SWSE, range 11E, purchaser residence 15 (Coles County), Volume page no. 077, Archives volume no. 291.