Cader Embry , 17781848 (aged 69 years)

Cader /Embry/
Given names

Cader Embry moved in the 1790s with his parents to part of Madison County, Kentucky that was to become the northeastern corner of Garrard County in 1797. After moving to Butler County in 1833, he bought more than 800 acres of land in the vicinity of what was to become known as Grancer. The place name was for his father, William "Grancer" Embry. The name Grancer derived from his Grandchildren's attempt to pronounce Grandsire.

Cader was a long time Gospel minister, and was an organizer of the county's first church of christ in 1839. Their first building was in the little town of Grancer. By 1877, they had a little house about 1 mile north of Grancer when Mason Embry deeded to them one acre of land there In 1904, they erected on that site the building they are still using(as of 1986)

Burials in the church cemetery there date back to at least 1881. The 1885 Perrin, KY history identified them as a christian church, but they never used instrumental music.

Cader's headstone is a large field stone with no name.