Michael Cader Embry, 18211892 (aged 70 years)

Michael Cader Embry
Given names
Michael Cader
Family with Amanda Embry Demanda
Michael Cader Embry
Birth: November 24, 1821Jackson, Tennessee, USA
Death: January 18, 1892Butler County, Kentucky, USA
Amanda "Demanda" Embry - grave marker
Birth: June 20, 1818 39 32Garrard County, Kentucky, US
Death: March 25, 1855Butler, Kentucky USA
Marriage: September 25, 1840Butler, Kentucky USA
15 months
John Johnson & Martha Embry - Grave Marker
Birth: December 12, 1841 20 23USA, KY, Butler,
Death: March 17, 1907USA, KY, Butler,
-65 years

Michael Cader Embry was born on the 24 Nov 1821 in Jackson Co., TN. He was the son of John W. Embry and Elizabeth Embry. Micael Cader Embry married Amanda Embry on the 25 sep 1840 in Butler Co., KY. Michael Cader Embry died atthe age of 70. he is buried in Lawson Cemetery in Butler Co., KY.

Michael Cader and Amanda Embry had seven children Martha Embry married John Johnson, Harrison Embry, John Embry, Francis Embry, Amanda Embry, Abel Marshall Embry, and Emily Embry. Amanda died on the 25 March 1855 in Butler Co., KY Amanda Embry is buried in Lawson Embry Cemetery in Butler Co., KY. It is believed that Amanda died from complications of childbirth after Emily's birth. Amanda was 36 years old at the time of her death.

John Johnson and Martha Embry were the parents of Missouri Johnson that married Thomas Frank Cardwell.


Michael and Amanda were 1st cousins. rf

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Note: Recorded in Butler Co., KY
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