James Madison Hines, 18431881 (aged 37 years)

James Madison Hines
Given names
James Madison
Family with parents
Marriage: November 18, 1834
4 years
elder brother
3 years
elder sister
2 years
James Madison Hines - grave marker
Birth: July 25, 1843 31 26Warren County, Kentucky, USA
Death: January 28, 1881Warren County, Kentucky, USA
8 years
younger sister
Agnes Hines Hutcheson - grave marker
Birth: September 16, 1851 39 34Warren County, Kentucky, USA
Death: 1931
6 years
younger brother
Edward Warren Hines - grave marker
Birth: January 15, 1858 45 40Butler County, Kentucky, USA
Death: January 31, 1921Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA

From "A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians, Volume 3," by E. Polk Johnson, 1912, Lewis Publishing Company:

"James M. Hines (brother of Capt. Thomas H. Hines) Assistant Commissary 9th Ky. Cav. returned to Bowling Green, Kentucky, at the end of the war, and became an attorney-at-law, and later editor of the Bowling Green Pantagraph. He was a man of unusual ability, but his career was cut short by death in his early manhood, he dying in 1881.

His son, Walker D. Hines, has already, though yet a young man, achieved a brilliant career, having been made first vice president of the L. & N.R.R. at the age of 32, and is now at the age of 40, Chief Counsel for the Santa Fe R.R. at a large salary, with his office in New York City, and he is regarded as one of the ablest railroad attorneys in the United States."

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Note: Reprinted photograph of James Madison Hines (1843-1881), the brother of Thomas Henry Hines. James Madison Hines was a newspaper editor in Butler County, KY.