Harry Eugene Boots Forsythe , 19221986 (aged 64 years)

Harry Eugene /Forsythe/
Given names
Harry Eugene

"I used to work for Emil/Harry at The Hunt Room as a waitress" - Jan Forsythe: 2/2005


According to marriage certificate for Harry & Margaret, July 1942:

Harry resided at 517 S. 13 1/2 Street; Terre Haute, IN. with his mother, Eloise, and worked as a Jr. Clerk. (Looks like DuePont)

This was his first marriage.

His father, Wade V. is shown as a laborer in Terre Haute.


"Managed country clubs throughout the East Coast. Uncle Emil owned the restaurant and dad worked for him." - Sabrina Gruer 2/2005

"Moved from home after Wade passed away and finished high school and went to college.

Moved to Columbia Missouri shortly around 1974. Managed the Country Club of Missouri. He stayed there for a year and left for California. My mom and him divorced (1976). My mom was Mary Forsythe Howell. My parents were married in 1951. My dad was previously married to Margaret. They had two children.

Graduated and taught school for a short time then went into the management business. Went to Princeton for a time, and another university maybe Indiana U. I assume he started with Uncle Emil Noseda who was Mary's uncle. He owned a restaurant in Indianapolis. Managed quite a few clubs as well as military officer's clubs. Moved around a lot. Arlington, VA.; Reston VA; Richmond VA; Jacksonville, FL; Cleveland, OH; Atlanta, GA; Columbia, MO" - Sabrina Gruer 1/2004

"I have a picture somewhere of Wade and Eloise. I can't really tell you much about dad's sisters. The only one I remember is Mary Lou and that is because dad lived with her for awhile before he had his strokes. She came to dad's funeral. My brother tried to keep in touch with her but lost contact after she moved to CA" - Sabrina Gruer 1/2004