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Welcome to the Forsythe Family Genealogy
December 23, 2011 - 7:23:16 a.m.

This site is an archive of the genealogical history of Forsythe, Hines, Johnson, D'Arcangelo and more!

Rick & Dawn Forsythe


To introduce myself, I am Richard Forsythe, great great great great great grandson of James F. Forsythe, who immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1755 with his wife Elizabeth and their children.

Their first landing was in Norfolk Virginia.  Later, they moved on to Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina in 1767.   In 1782, James and Elizabeth had moved to Prince Edward County Virginia.

My wife Dawn is the great granddaughter of George and Angelina Manley, Greek immigrants who arrived here in 1905, leaving behind their pack mules in the mountains of Kosmos, Greece.  Goat cheese was their primary product.

This repository of family data, as presented, is by no means complete and most certainly contains errors.  There is very little that is presented on this website to which I can personally attest as a true fact.  I am doing my best to ensure that all of the information is accurate, and hopefully, supported by some type of documentation or source.  There are times, however, that assumptions are made.   If you find information which you believe to be incorrect, I apologize in advance. In return, I ask that you utilize the various links on this site to contact me and offer your corrections.

This website is a collaberative effort by only a few.  If you are willing to contribut to this cause, we welcome you.  The best way for this tree to grow is through the efforts of the various genealogists who continue to put in countless hours researching their own ancestry.  My goal is to bring all of those genealogists together into this central location to share their research with their peers and interested family members.





Registration to this site is not necessary to view data on deceased individuals.  All information on deceased individuals is open to the public.  Registration is only required if you are an individual in the tree, an ancestor of someone in the tree, or should be in the tree, and you wish to have access to information on close living realtives.  To protect the privacy of the living individuals in this tree, only people who have a connection to the tree will be approved.

Once you've registered, I can offer two types of membership; Member or Editor.  By default, all accounts will be give basic member access and  you will be linked to your personal record (it will be created if it isn't already there) and given access to your direct ancestors.  When registering, please make sure to note how you fit into the tree so I can set the proper links. 

By request, anyone who wishes to contribute to the tree can be given editor access.  As an editor, you will have the ability to add or edit any information in the tree.  Also, watermarks will be removed from images. Please note, all additions and edits will need to be approved before they appear.  Most of the information in this tree is supported by some kind of documentation. If you are significantly editing data, please provide a source to support that change.  I'm looking forward to your contributions.  Without your help, the growth of this tree is limited.

Please note that getting your account setup is a manual process on my part.  Please be patient with your registration and allow a few days.  If after a few days your account isn't working properly or you don't have access to areas you believe you should, please send me an email by clicking on the "for technical or genealogical support, please contact" link at the bottom of the page.

Please review the FAQ at right or above in the help menu for more information on registration requirements, benefits and for a recap of this sites strict privacy policies.  Also, if you have any "how do I" questions, please feel free to forward them to the email address prov


Rick Forsythe


NOTE: Data on living individuals is protected by strict privacy rules and all information contained within this site is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. We thank the many other researchers who have allowed the incorporation of their work within the data presented herein and we acknowledge their individual and collective copyrights and ownership of these efforts.

There are some who, either by choice or capability, have made major contributions of material. I want to give special thanks to the following family members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in making sure this history doesn't die with them.

Phillip Wheeler, "My Forsythe Saga"
Joe Anderson, "My Forsythe Saga"
Bernice Herndon, (Photographs, Information & Scanned Documents)
Linda Seed, (Photographs & Information)
Donna Eberman Rand, (Photographs, Information & Scanned Documents)


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